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About Sigales

Founded in 1985 by Isabelle LETESSIER, SIGALES is a french counsultancy specialising in soils cartography of vineyards and terroirs. Based in the middle of the French Alps at Saint Martin d’Uriage close to Grenoble (Isère) our staff is composed of : 

Isabelle LETESSIER – Pedologist and Agronomist

Josselin MARION – Geologist and Cartographer

Thomas GAUDIN - Geopedologist

There’s not one ideal soil to produce a great wine. Many great wines come from completely different terroirs (granit, limestone, clay, sandstone, …). It’s not easy to understand the influences of all the natural parameters on grapes quality. However, you can feel that you need to look into all those parameters to optimise the potential of your natural heritage, the one that nobody can recreate.

You're welcome to visit our website which shows our most recent studies in different vineyards areas such as Provence, Côtes du Rhône, Beaujolais, Burgundy, Savoie and Switzerland.

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